Children and Dog Safety

We enjoy visiting with scout groups, school classes and in private homes to help children learn the rules so they can have fun while being safe with dogs.

NOVADog Magazine Blog
K9s & Kids August 7th, 2009 by E.Vandover
Rudy’s Friends Dog Training, Inc.
Kids and dogs, they seem like a perfectly suited match, smiling, wagging, running and chasing—best friends for life. Contrary to popular belief this kind of bond doesn’t just magically happen. It takes a little bit of education for the dog and the child to establish a respectful, but fun relationship.
Anne Davis of Rudy’s Friends Dog Training offers many dog training and dog care services, but her primary focus is educating children about dogs. Anne has written two children’s books, Rudy’s Friends and Be Safe with Rudy and His Friends.

Rudy’s Friends teaches children to value the differences in each other through photos of Rudy and his wide assortment of friends; short, tall, long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, black, brown, white, red and gray, Rudy loves all his buddies! Be Safe with Rudy and His Friends instills the importance of being safe around dogs and how easy it is to do. This endearing book uses photos of Rudy and his friends to illustrate the very basic ground rules all children should learn whether they have a dog in their family or not. For the child that is fearful of dogs this book will instill confidence, and for the child that is overly rambunctious with the family dog this book will help lay down the rules of proper behavior with and around the dog.

Anne and Rudy can often be found visiting children at schools spreading the message to children about how to be safe around any dog while still having fun! Anne strongly encourages parents to include children in training the family pet. Visit Rudy’s Friends Dog Training for more details.

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