K9 Detection Work/Find It

It’s been an exciting week for K9 Detection Work with Rudy’s Friends Dog Training. We started classes at the Reston Community Center and also at Pro Feed Pet Nutritional Center in Vienna with a total of 14 dogs. This great activity builds on a dog’s natural instinct to hunt and it’s FUN. Our classes started with having dogs search for treats in a box. Don’t be fooled because it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. They are working outside and dealing with distractions as well as with changes in air currents. As their skills improve we will increase the difficulty of the search by perhaps placing a box within a box or maybe turning a box over. We are only limited by our imagination.

In addition to competition this activity has been used to help with training and behavioral issues. We’ve worked with “find it” to assist a puppy learn to climb stairs, encouraged a resource guarder to come out from under a table and to help an aggressive dog feel more comfortable with a stranger.

The Shiba Inu pictured here was very hesitant around storm drains. His dad helped to make seeing a storm drain more of a positive experience by playing “find it” close to the area. As his pup became more at ease he moved the game closer to the drain. Pretty soon it wasn’t such a big ordeal.

We are always pleased to share teaching experiences so please let us know if you’re interested in learning more about K9 Detection Work. Please note that the term K9 Nose Work will no longer be used by Rudy’s Friends.

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