Socializing Your Dog

Social Dogs are happier!Walking your dog to the school bus stop can be a great training experience. It can provide socialization, exercise and fun but be sure to use good judgment. Always make new experiences fun for your dog with wonderful rewards and lots of praise.

* Your dog will be very excited so manage the jumping. Stand on the leash if appropriate and/or hold the side of the collar with your fingers pointing to the ground.
* Only allow one child to approach your dog at a time.
* Stand between the child and the dog for better control.
* The child must be calm and just extend his hand to the dog. If this goes well and the dog is not jumping or trying to back away, the child may gently touch the dog’s neck or chest. Many dogs do not feel comfortable when someone reaches over their heads.
* Another idea is to give the child a few treats to drop on the ground for the dog.
* Shorter training sessions are best so you can end on success. Know when to stop!

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