Reading/Therapy Dogs

This note is from Jamie who attended our training classes at Pro Feed in Vienna. We are always so pleased to hear success stories! Dogs are never critical or laugh when a child mispronounces a word. They just show love and build confidence.

“I just thought you might like to see an update of Jam-Jam and his therapy work. TheJam Jam reading following article was posted by one of the librarians from one of the two libraries where I do reading with kids on a weekly basis. We just applied for our TDIA active title as we have 50 visits (and over 100 hours!) He also applied for his AKC therapy dog title. He is still 2 points away from his championship conformation title (but I am having to much fun with the therapy work to worry much about it.. He will get it sometime this coming year I am sure.”

This was the article posted in the Fairfax CrossReference newsletter.

When my little nephew, Jack Wright (age 2 ½ ), came for a visit from New York City in January he was lucky enough to visit me at work on the same day he could meet Jam Jam, one of City of Fairfax’s  furry “ambassadors” in its “Read to the Dog” Program. Jack was a little wary of Jam Jam at first, but his trainer, Jamie, patiently let Jack inch toward Jam Jam at his own pace. Soon Jack was close enough that Jam Jam (and Jamie!) could read a fun story to him and some newly acquired playmates. Jack was enchanted.

When he returned home to New York City, he asked his grandmother, unprompted, if she would take him to the library. Jack walked directly up to a  librarian and asked her politely, “Excuse me, where is your Jam Jam?” The confused librarian had to reply that sadly, the New York Public Library doesn’t have a Jam Jam. Jack was forced to console himself with books about a train and a dinosaur.

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