Raising Puppies with Senior Dogs

Chris and DoryWe often have calls from people who have recently purchased a puppy but they also have a senior dog. This adjustment can be a process and it’s important to give an older dog some space at times. Baby gates and play pen types of enclosures are perfect to help with potty training and to also give older dogs a little peace. Little Dory, 4 month old golden retriever pup is learning the settle command. This teaches a dog to go to a place and relax. She is calmly chewing on a toy while her 8 year old brother, Chris, is learning that he can be OK with Dory close by.

Finley and broYoung Finley is also 4 months old and lives with Caleb who is about 8 years old.  Finley is very good at sitting and we often practice around Caleb. Keep in mind that dogs usually have trouble doing two things at the same time so give your pup a job when you see he’s about to get into trouble.  As the puppy approaches the senior dog calmly ask for a sit and reward. Young dogs are easy to distract so after you get their attention give them a job. Ask for a sit or perhaps toss a ball.

Marie and PickleLittle Marie and her older brother, Pickle, are the best of buddies. Their parents know the importance of exercise which helps both dogs relax. Remember a tired pup is often a better behaved pup!



Stitch is about 8 years old and Bossy is 8 months old. They Stitch and Bossyare both very food motivated and enjoy pleasing people. Again, we are working with the sit command and they are also learning to settle on a bed by the window. Both dogs become very excited when company arrives so we are working with commands that they enjoy and do well.



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