Training Must Be Fun

Make Training Fun For Everyone!
This group of ladies and their dogs have been training with Rudy’s Friends for several years and most started with our Basic Manners Made Easy class. They then went on to Manners II which included the Canine Good Citizen test, our Advanced Manners field trip class and then enjoyed our K9 Detection/Find It class. We have become great friends and enjoy outings where our dogs can socialize and play Find It. We’ve been to parks, a winery and now this picture was taken at Frolick Dogs Gym in Alexandria. Training is an ongoing adventure so take your pups to class and then work with them in public places. These 9 dogs range from 1.5 to 12 years old and we are so proud of them and their moms.

Frolick group
From left to right we have Cody, white shepherd, 1.5 yrs; Jewels, husky mix, 3 yrs; Bodhi, Shiloh shepherd, 2 yrs; Woody, beagle, 7 yrs; Allie, dalmation, 12 yrs; Finley, lab, 2 yrs; Millie, ter mix, 12 yrs; Charley, lab, 6 yrs and our Missie, black shepherd, 8 yrs. Many of these dogs came from rescues and it’s wonderful to see them doing so well.

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