Dogs and Kids

General Information

Rudy’s Friends is one of the first if not THE first dog training company in N. VA. to offer safety classes for expectant parents with dogs.

Group classes are also available and offer an over-view of the material.

Safety Talks

There is no charge for group safety talks with children so please contact us to schedule an appointment.  We have two children’s books available to help with dog safety with children.


Children’s Books

We have two children’s books we use with children


Reviews from parents, teachers and veterinarians:

  • Your BE SAFE book is a real hit in our class. The children love the color photos and the text just flows so naturally.
  • Thank you for sharing this safety book. My children enjoy reading it at the vet’s office.
  • “BE SAFE WITH RUDY AND HIS FRIENDS” makes it so easy to talk to children about the way they should behave around dogs.
  • My kids loved the pictures.
  • “Rudy’s Friends” is just a wonderful educational tool for our children.
  • My 7 year old thought writing book reports was so much fun with these books.
  • My 80 year old mother enjoyed the books for Mother’s Day. She loves dogs and the print was large enough for her to see.
  • Our 3 year old grandson knows all of the dog’s names and likes to answer the questions.
  • Your stories are extremely creative and lots of fun for everyone
  • We liked the questions in the books.


The number of private training sessions will vary with individual families. We have a few options to meet individual family needs.

  • $125 per visit
  • $695 for 7 in-home visits
  • Lecture with a demo dog for 1-2 hours (depends on questions) is a flat $35 per family
  • There is no charge for safety talks scheduled for children
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