Vienna Pet Spaw on Church Street

Need Directions to Vienna Pet Spaw?

Vienna Pet Spaw is at 101 Church Street, NW, Suite A, Vienna, VA 22180

Training Classes Available at Vienna Pet Spaw

Dogs must be comfortable around people and other dogs.

Basic Manners Made Easy

Dogs of all ages, $195, classes include: 

  • Basic skills – name, sit, focus, down
  • Manners – stopping jumping, settle command, door greetings, barking, taking a treat gently
  • Walking – loose leash, turns, auto sit                     Buddy and Cindy
  • Classical – making positive associations with new things to keep your dog from becoming fearful
  • Recall – teaching your dog to come to you when you call him
  • Stays – sit and down
  • Off & Take it – teaching your dog to drop, leave, or not approach something
  • AKC S.T.A.R. evaluation at the last class

Upcoming Schedule of Classes

Basic Manners, Monday, 5/15/23 – 6/26/23 (no class 5/29), 6 pm   FULL

Basic Manners, Monday, 7/10 – 8/14, 6 pm

Want to register?

Send an email to and we will send you registration info.

Manners Level II

We will focus on walking nicely in public while practicing recalls, stays and distance work.  Includes Canine Good Citizen, EvaluatorLogo_largeCGC, Test: AKC’s program rewarding a dog who has good social skills and their owner who demonstrates proper dog control.

6 Sessions, $225.00 for pups over 6 months of age.

Upcoming Schedule of Classes

Want to register?

Send an email to  and we will send you registration info.

Advanced Manners includes AKC Community Canine test:  

AKC has added an advanced level to the CGC program. Class will be a series of field trips so we can practice manners in public.

Lubber Run Park6 Sessions, $225

Please let us know if you are interested.

Locations around town to be determined. First meeting will be in the Vienna area.

Email and we will send you registration information.

K9 Detection Work/Find It Level I:

This class is a lot of fun for both dogs and their owners as it builds on the dog’s natural instinct to hunt. It’s the beginning of detection work, takes little space, no real equipment, and it’s easy to practice at home.  This is a great activity for those bad weather days when you just don’t want to do much outside.  After all what could be better than finding chicken in a box or a treat under a ball? Provides physical and mental stimulation as it builds confidence. In addition to competition we’ve used Find It to help a young dog climb stairs, a resource guarder to feel more comfortable giving up a prized possession and making friends with an aggressive dog.


4 sessions $120

Upcoming Schedule

Workshops will resume again in the fall

K9 Detection Work/Find It: Level II +

Detecting the Scent of Birch: Dogs must have completed Level I. This class adds the challenge of finding a scent instead of food and using various containers including vehicles.

  •   Please let us know if you are interested and when we have four dogs, we will schedule a class.

Raising Dogs With Babies

Learn how to be more relaxed with your dog and your new baby. Be proactive so your dog will feel comfortable with a young family member. Learn how to make a positive association for your dog with the infant even before the baby is born. We will demonstrate necessary obedience skills as well as helping you with “pre-baby” and “post-baby” exercises.

Your dogs are NOT included in this class

1 session for $25: 1 to 2 hours depending on questions

A class will be scheduled when 4 families are on the waiting list.

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