SSAnew5Each year Angie’s List presents its Super Service Award to businesses that have maintained a superior service rating. Approximately 5% of businesses on Angie’s List meet the eligibility requirements. Rudy’s Friends is extremely honored to have achieved this award for 2014, 2015, 2016 and now again for 2017. Thank you to our wonderful clients and great trainers for all of your support!  See our reviews at AngiesList.com

Rudy’s Friends was very honored to receive an award at the Town of Vienna’s 16th Annual Mayor’s Volunteer Reception for our work with service dogs.

We are so pleased to be training once again in our hometown of Vienna! Please check “Our Services”  for classes at Kriser’s.


Welcome to the website for Rudy’s Friends Dog Training, Inc. We serve Northern Virginia and offer private training as well as small group classes at  Pet Valu Pan Am, 3069 Nutley St, Fairfax, VA 22031,  and the Reston Community Center. Please see “Our Services” for details.

We have a new concept in training to help you work with your dog and also have time for  other activities. Our Basic Manners Made Easy class at Pet Valu Fairfax will be held on Mondays and Fridays at 9:30 am so now you can start and complete 6 sessions in just one month.  Please see “Our Services” for details.

Our Philosophy:  Make training fun & happy and your dog will learn that responding to commands can be a great experience.

Learn to use “Positive Motivational Training” and teach your puppy some manners.

Small Business Saturday may be over but please continue to support our friends at the Pet Valu stores. Learn about healthy foods and treats and have fun with their great toys. We also support Vienna Pet Spaw and often take advantage of their facility when helping a dog learn to be calm in a new environment. Carol and Brian are the best!

We offer training gift certificates which are always a much appreciated present.

tired dogsDog training is an on-going process building manners and a positive relationship with your dog. We try to offer several new classes every month so please check “Our Services” for details and reserve a place for your dog now.
Besides having fun we always work on teaching calm behavior and self-control. Small classes with lots of individual attention.

Please forward our website to your meet-up groups.

Pro Feed classWe love having breed only classes which can be customized to fit your needs. These Samoyeds and their honorary Papillon friend are practicing for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test.

CooperPuppy Manners is a 6 week class for pups under 5 months of age. We focus on socializing, play time, potty training, puppy mouthing, self-control and some of the basic commands. Includes the American Kennel Club’s test for the Star Puppy Award.

Our Basic Manners Made Easy classes are so much more than just teaching commands. It’s important for dogs to be comfortableOrvis Milly in new environments so we introduce some K9 Detection/Find It work and have FUN. Also helps to build confidence.  This class includes the American Kennel Club’s test for the Star Puppy Award for pups under a year old.

Do something FUN with your dog. Learn about our K9 Detection Work/Find It workshops.

We enjoy working with Canine Companions for Independence, www.cci.org. Arkin is a certified service dog who is a great source of inspiration for our puppy raisers. His mom has MS and he often helps her when shopping. Arkin can carry groceries, give money to the cashier and pick up items that are dropped on the floor including a credit card. Holding a bag of food is real self-control!

Learn many of the same “positive motivational” techniques that are used to train marine and circus animals. Our approach is very kind and gentle and it’s based in science. It’s all about behavior and consequence, repetition and consistency.  Have fun with your dogs as you teach them to walk nicely on a leash or learn to obey the basic commands of sit, down, stay and come. We can help your pups learn to control mouthing and jumping as well as tips for potty and crate training.

Do you chase your dog when he grabs your shoe? Let us show you a better approach for handling this situation.  “Off and take it” is a wonderful skill to help with your dog’s manners. Understand the importance of socializing your dogs and learn how to prevent some undesirable behaviors.  Are your dogs afraid of storms or perhaps of someone carrying an umbrella?  Classical learning is all too often put on the back burner but it can be the root of some severe issues.

CATCH MentorRudy’s Friends is pleased to be an official mentor for CATCH, Canine Trainers Academy, located in NJ and affiliated with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Check out their website if you are interested in learning more about becoming a professional dog trainer. www.CatchDogTrainers.com

We also offer some more advanced training for those owners and dogs who have mastered the basics. Does your dog obey commands when you are not right next to him? Teach your dog to respond when you are across the room or on the other side of the yard. Let us help you work with distractions and other challenges such as taking your dog to a shopping center.

Anne Davis: Owner/Certified Dog Trainer/Teacher/Author

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen & (advanced) Community CGC Evaluator
  • Member of IACP (International Assoc. of Canine Professionals)
  • Member of APDT (Assoc. of Professional Dog Trainers)
  • Author of “Rudy’s Friends” and “Be Safe With Rudy’s Friends”

Dog Training at Pet Valu Fairfax/Kriser’s Vienna


Pet Valu Pan Am Shopping Center: 3069 Nutley St, Fairfax, VA 22031

Kriser’s: 144 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180

Training Classes Available

Dogs must be comfortable around people and other dogs.

Puppy Manners

Pups under 5 months of age with little or no training

New program in 2018: 6 sessions, $185, 4 pups, includes AKC Star Puppy EvalBaby Cooper

  • Potty Training, Puppy Mouthing, Puppy Humping
  • Socializing and Play Time
  • Food Bowl Handling, Handling Body Parts, Cradling
  • Name, Focus, Sit, Down, Leash Work

Dates for upcoming classes: Pet Valu

  • Sunday, 6/10 – 7/22, 10:15 (NO class 7/8)
  • Saturday, 6/16 – 7/28, 11:15 (NO class 7/7)

email  rudysfriendsclasses@gmail.com  and we will send you registration information.

Basic Manners Made Easy

Pups over 5 months of age, 6 sessions, $185, 2018 classes include AKC Star Puppy Eval for dogs under 1 year of age

  • Basic skills – name, sit, focus, down
  • Manners – stopping jumping, settle command, door greetings, barking, taking a treat gently
  • Walking – loose leash, turns, auto sit                     Luna at Pet Valu
  • Classical – making positive associations with new things to keep your dog from becoming fearful
  • Recall – teaching your dog to come to you when you call him
  • Stays – sit and down
  • Off & Take it – teaching your dog to drop, leave, or not approach something

Pet Valu Pan Am:

  • Sunday, 6/10 – 7/22, 11:30 (NO class 7/8)   FULL  (Lee-Ann)
  • Sunday, 6/10 – 7/22, 12:45 (NO class 7/8)               (Lee-Ann)
  • Saturday, 6/16 – 7/28, 10:15 (NO class 7/7)            (Jane)
  • Mon/Fri, 7/9 – 7/27, 6:30    Complete 6 sessions in 1 month   (Cathy)

Kriser’s in Vienna:

  • Mon/Thurs, 5/14 – 6/4, 6:30 (NO class 5/28)  FULL  (Kim)
  • Mon/Fri, 6/1 – 6/18, 9:30am   Complete 6 sessions in 1 month (Kim)

email rudysfriendsclasses@gmail.com and we will send you registration info

Manners Level II

We will focus on walking nicely in public while practicing recalls, stays and distance work.  Includes Canine Good Citizen, EvaluatorLogo_largeCGC, Test: AKC’s program rewarding a dog who has good social skills and their owner who demonstrates proper dog control.

6 Sessions, $215.00 for pups over 6 months of age: Pet Valu

  • Saturday, 6/16 – 7/28, 9:15 (NO class 7/7)  (Jane)

email rudysfriendsclasses@gmail.com  and we will send you registration info


Advanced Manners includes AKC Community Canine test:  

AKC has added an advanced level to the CGC program. Class will be a series of field trips so we can practice manners in public.

Lubber Run Park6 Sessions, $215

  • Please let us know if you are interested.

Locations around town to be determined. First meeting will be at Pan Am Shopping Center, Fairfax (Lee Hwy and Nutley Streets)

email rudysfriendsclasses@gmail.com and we will send you registration info

K9 Detection Work/Find It Level I:

This class is a lot of fun for both dogs and their owners as it builds on the dog’s natural instinct to hunt. It’s the beginning of detection work, takes little space, no real equipment, and it’s easy to practice at home.  This is a great activity for those bad weather days when you just don’t want to do much outside.  After all what could be better than finding chicken in a box or a treat under a ball? Provides physical and mental stimulation as it builds confidence. In addition to competition we’ve used Find It to help a young dog climb stairs, a resource guarder to feel more comfortable giving up a prized possession and making friends with an aggressive dog.

4 sessions $120, Workshops will resume again in the fall



K9 Detection Work/Find It: Level II +

Detecting the Scent of Birch: Dogs must have completed Level I. This class adds the challenge of finding a scent instead of food and using various containers including vehicles.

  •   Please let us know if you are interested and when we have four dogs, we will schedule a class.

Raising Dogs With Babies

Learn how to be more relaxed with your dog and your new baby. Be proactive so your dog will feel comfortable with a young family member. Learn how to make a positive association for your dog with the infant even before the baby is born. We will demonstrate necessary obedience skills as well as helping you with “pre-baby” and “post-baby” exercises.

Your dogs are NOT included in this class

1 session for $25: 1 to 2 hours depending on questions

A class will be scheduled when 4 families are on the waiting list.



In-Home/Private Training

Are you too busy to attend scheduled group classes?  Let us come to your home and work around your time.

Our most popular BASIC Manners program involves coming to your home once or twice a week, depending on your schedule and your dog’s age. In addition to basic commands learn how to control your dog with visitors. We love the “settle command” which teaches a dog to go to a place and relax. It’s great when you have company, when you’re trying to have a meal or perhaps a snack on the couch or even when you are trying to load the dishwasher.

Private Training

We also offer private sessions for owners seeking more advanced training for their dogs. The challenges of distance and distraction are presented at shopping centers and various public places. Field trips offer great training opportunities.


  • A training package of 7 sessions is $695 for those in-home visits.
  • A single visit is $125, allow a little more than an hour.
  • Our prices include travel charges.
  • Ask us about saving money when you train with a friend and their dog.


We have flexible availability based on your schedule. We have day as well as evening and week-end hours and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Possible Training Topics/Venues

Raising Dogs With Babies

Learn how to be more relaxed with your dog and your new baby. Be proactive so your dog will feel comfortable with a new family member. Learn how to make a positive association for your dog with the infant even before  the baby is born. We will work on necessary obedience skills as well as helping you with “pre-baby” and “post-baby” exercises. The number of training sessions will vary with families, $125 per visit or $695 for 7 visits.

Field Trip 101

Do you have a wonderful “kitchen dog” meaning he will sit on command at home? Do you get that same response in a public place? Bring your dog to work with us at a shopping center and we will help you keep his focus and display some manners. It’s a shame to always leave our pups at home so let’s teach them to be respectful of others and property.

We always enjoy sharing new experiences and Barrel Oak Winery is a great place to relax with your dog. The scenery is beautiful and it’s a great location for any event. Travel about 45 minutes west on Rt 66 from Vienna. Take a picnic and enjoy the area.  Visit http://www.BarrelOakWinery.com for more information.

Party with your dog

Have your dogs prevented you from entertaining friends? Invite us to your party and we will be responsible for controlling the pups. It’s also a great training opportunity!

Special Groups/Breeds

If you have a group of friends with the same dog breed, we offer training options specific for your breed.  Call to ask us about availability.

Group Classes at Reston Community Center

We are pleased to once again be able to offer spring and fall classes at the Reston Community Center.

Phone: 703.476.4500
Fax: 703.476.8617

2310 Colts Neck Road, Reston, VA 20191

Register through RCC : Cost $90 Reston resident/$180 non-resident


Activity # 500586-8B    Dog Obedience: Basic Manners

Spring 2018: 4/4 – 5/16, Wed   6:00P – 6:45P

This basic class includes all of the usual commands such as sit, down, stay, and come as well as walking nicely, off, and activities to help with self-control and manners.

Classes are held in the parking lot behind RCC. Park in the Hunters Woods Plaza shopping area and walk around to the rear of the building. Please bring your dog to the first class with a variety of tiny treats and a mat or towel for the dog to use for the settle command. We DO NOT use chain or prong collars or Flexi leads. A regular collar and a six-foot leash are required. Gentle leaders and body harnesses are fine.

Please let us know if you have any questions: RudysFriends@cox.net