Loyal Companion (Previously Krisers)

Loyal Companion Stores: Vienna & Tysons

Loyal Companion Vienna: 144 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180

Loyal Companion Idylwood Plaza, Tysons: 7505 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043

Dogs must be comfortable around people and other dogs.

Puppy Manners

Pups under 5 months of age with little or no training

6 sessions, $185, includes AKC Star Puppy Eval

  • Potty Training, Puppy Mouthing, Puppy Humping
  • Socializing and Play Time
  • Food Bowl Handling, Handling Body Parts, Cradling
  • Name, Focus, Sit, Down, Leash Work

Upcoming Schedule of Classes:

  • Tysons, Saturday, 7/25 – 8/29, 9:00 FULL
  • Vienna, Sunday, 8/30 – 10/11, 9:00 (no class 9/6)

Email  rudysfriendsclasses@gmail.com  and we will send you registration information.

Basic Manners Made Easy

Pups over 5 months of age, 6 sessions, $185,  classes include AKC Star Puppy Eval for dogs under 1 year of age

  • Basic skills – name, sit, focus, down
  • Manners – stopping jumping, settle command, door greetings, barking, taking a treat gently
  • Walking – loose leash, turns, auto sit                    
  • Classical – making positive associations with new things to keep your dog from becoming fearful
  • Recall – teaching your dog to come to you when you call him
  • Stays – sit and down
  • Off & Take it – teaching your dog to drop, leave, or not approach something

Upcoming Schedule of Classes:

  • Vienna, Sunday, 7/19 – 8/23, 9:00 FULL
  • Tysons, Saturday, 9/12 – 10/17, 9:00
  • Vienna, Sunday, 10/18 – 11/22, 9:00

Want to register?

Email rudysfriendsclasses@gmail.com and we will send you registration info

Manners Level II

We will focus on walking nicely in public while practicing recalls, stays and distance work.  Includes Canine Good Citizen, CGC, Test: AKC’s program rewarding a dog who has good social skills and their owner who demonstrates proper dog control.

6 Sessions, $215.00 for pups over 6 months