In-Home/Private Training

Are you too busy to attend scheduled group classes?  Let us come to your home and work around your time.

Our most popular BASIC Manners program involves coming to your home once or twice a week, depending on your schedule and your dog’s age. In addition to basic commands learn how to control your dog with visitors. We love the “settle command” which teaches a dog to go to a place and relax. It’s great when you have company, when you’re trying to have a meal or perhaps a snack on the couch or even when you are trying to load the dishwasher.

Private Training

We also offer private sessions for owners seeking more advanced training for their dogs. The challenges of distance and distraction are presented at shopping centers and various public places. Field trips offer great training opportunities.


  • A training package of 7 sessions is $695 for those in-home visits.
  • A single visit is $125, allow a little more than an hour.
  • Our prices include travel charges.
  • Ask us about saving money when you train with a friend and their dog.


We have flexible availability based on your schedule. We have day as well as evening and week-end hours and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Possible Training Topics/Venues

Raising Dogs With Babies

Learn how to be more relaxed with your dog and your new baby. Be proactive so your dog will feel comfortable with a new family member. Learn how to make a positive association for your dog with the infant even before  the baby is born. We will work on necessary obedience skills as well as helping you with “pre-baby” and “post-baby” exercises. The number of training sessions will vary with families, $125 per visit or $695 for 7 visits.

Field Trip 101

Do you have a wonderful “kitchen dog” meaning he will sit on command at home? Do you get that same response in a public place? Bring your dog to work with us at a shopping center and we will help you keep his focus and display some manners. It’s a shame to always leave our pups at home so let’s teach them to be respectful of others and property.

We always enjoy sharing new experiences and Barrel Oak Winery is a great place to relax with your dog. The scenery is beautiful and it’s a great location for any event. Travel about 45 minutes west on Rt 66 from Vienna. Take a picnic and enjoy the area.  Visit for more information.

Party with your dog

Have your dogs prevented you from entertaining friends? Invite us to your party and we will be responsible for controlling the pups. It’s also a great training opportunity!

Special Groups/Breeds

If you have a group of friends with the same dog breed, we offer training options specific for your breed.  Call to ask us about availability.

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