Introducing Rudy & Jewels LLC

The mission of Rudy & Jewels is to help people enjoy their dogs in social settings such as happy hours and doggy birthday parties. We continue to stress self-control and manners as we teach K9 Detection Work/Find It. We currently have 24 dogs in our workshops in the Orvis store on Rt 7 in the Tysons area and also at Frolick Dogs in Alexandria. Please check our FB page for January workshops.

sadie-and-tucker-waiting-to-playSadie and Tucker are waiting patiently while watching treats being hidden in cones.   Taking turns searching is very difficult and builds self-control.    Most anything can be used as a container but do not use your food containers such as Glad Ware or Tupper Ware. It is also a good idea to play Find It outside of the kitchen or dining area.

We often use Find It as a reward for stays as well as teaching other activities.


sadie-playing-find-it Tucker is trying very hard to wait his turn. This is such a fun activity for everyone and our pups respond to us so nicely when they are having a good time.      tucker-playing-find-it

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