Many uses for dog/puppy gates

baby gateThis type of gate is wonderful for dogs too. It’s made of heavy plastic with 6 detachable sides and folds nicely for storage. We highly recommend it especially for use with young puppies. It can be used as a long gate for a large open floor plan or close it for a play area.

Potty training outside: Place the gate close to the house in an area that you would like your dog to use for potty purposes. Put the puppy in the area and as soon as he begins to squat say “go potty” or use a similar command. Say “yes” and reward immediately when he finishes. Take your puppy out often and he will learn that good things happen when he eliminates outside.

Child safety: Many families have young chiuldren when they adopt a puppy and this can make life somewhat difficult. Set up this play area for your pup close to where your family spends time, perhaps the family room depending on your floors. You may want to stay away from carpet. Puppies do not always want to be picked up and carried around by children and some times everyone needs a break. This area may contain a crate or dog pad and some toys. Use it often for short periods of time so the puppy will adjust to being in it.

Gives mom a break: Puppies and even some older dogs can not be in a home unsupervised. Anything can happen from potty accidents to chewing electrical cords. This play area gives your pup a little more freedom and is a nice change from the crate.

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